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PureDepth™: New Dimensions in Visualization*
	PureDepth™ revolutionizes the way people view games, data, images, video and other content, offering the most lifelike and most useful viewing experience ever available. 
	PureDepth is the only company that can combine its patented Multi-Layer Display (MLD™) technology with traditional 3-D effects and color and contrast enhancements to provide a new visualization experience. 
	With a variety of 3-D effects available for different applications, how do you know which viewing effect is right for you? You don’t have to. PureDepth’s smart display technology does the work for you with no glasses required.
	The company’s smart displays transform new and existing visual information into an intense color, high-contrast experience with real depth and lifelike detail, so users can get the maximum visual experience from their equipment.

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