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Photo of Darryl
Darryl S.K. Singh

Darryl Singh has extensive experience in commercialization of new technology from inception to market leading positions. Singh joined PureDepth in 2005 as Software Architect and shortly after was promoted to Senior Project Manager. He led cross-functional teams and technology transfer processes that enabled mass production of PureDepth's MLD technology in Japan and Korea. In 2007, Singh was promoted to Vice President of Software and Content Development. Together with the team, he pioneered the transformation of the technology from bespoke hardware and custom content creation to a combined hardware and software platform. This combination delivered a compelling and user-centric visual experience with existing 2-D and 3-D content sources in real-time.

Appointed Chief Technology Officer in 2011, Singh continued to lead and develop technology strategy, market intelligence and business development. He has experience in various geographies including U.S, Japan, Korea, and Europe. Singh has been instrumental in the adoption of PureDepth's technology where it is the market leading 3-D technology in North America and Japan in the Casino and Pachinko markets respectively. Singh’s comprehensive knowledge of PureDepth underpins his leadership as Chief Executive Officer. His outlook is firmly connected to his in-depth understanding of technology, market opportunities and company strategy. Singh holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering with First Class Honors from the University of Auckland, with several international publications in the field of Human Computer Interaction. He has also completed Executive Development courses at the University of Auckland Business School.

Photo of Michael
Michael Laycock
Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

Michael Laycock joined PureDepth as Corporate Controller in February 2009, transitioning the accounting function from California to Auckland, New Zealand. Laycock previously worked as a senior systems development consultant for finance at the PMI Group, Inc., California. Prior to that he served 19 years at United Commercial Bank in San Francisco in management positions that included: the day to day management of the accounting and reporting areas (during a period when the company doubled in size from $3 to $6 billion), SVP & Director of Operations & Systems and SVP & Chief Auditor. Laycock has a solid foundation in public accounting, working in both Auckland and London.

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